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    Pvt Schnapps

    Re: Momentum to Remove Confederate Symbols Slows or Stops

    That would depend on the viewer and, in any case, might not be a bad thing...

    Pvt Schnapps 05-01-2016, 08:04 AM Go to last post
    Preserve History

    A Satirical Look Into the Future...

    What are the places that speak to you most about America? Places that make you think of home, think of who we are, places you enjoyed growing up.

    Preserve History 04-30-2016, 10:08 PM Go to last post
    Ken Cornett

    Re: Momentum to Remove Confederate Symbols Slows or Stops

    Doesn't mean as much though.

    Ken Cornett 04-29-2016, 09:28 AM Go to last post

    Published on 01-27-2016 02:11 PM  Number of Views: 529 

    Dover, Tennessee
    May 13-15, 2016

    Sponsored by the WIG and Hairy Nation Boys.

    CS forces will be commanded by Herb Coats. Federal forces will be commanded by Ivan Ingraham.(one company of Hairy Nation Boys, one company of SCAR)

    Each side will have a 100 participant force cap with a goal of three Companies of 25 rifles each. We will also have cavalry for each side.

    This will be an immersion campaigner event.
    Cost: $20 ($10 for landowner stipend; dirt cheap, really, and $10 for food for the weekend).

    Each participant will need 40 rounds and caps for the weekend and needs to bring two one-gallon jugs of water to establish water points within their area as the water on-site is not potable despite the numerous streams and ponds.


    Cross Keys, Virginia

    June 10-12, 2016

    Confederate Adjunct Hosted By Company E, F, & G 52nd Virginia

    Battle of Cross Keys (left flank action), 5 mile fundraiser march to Port Republic and Battle of Port Republic (Lewis House Action)

    This will take place on the original Battleground in Cross Keys, Va and on the Original ground in Port Port Republic, Va. The March will follow the closest original route available.

    This unit action has not been portrayed before and has not been accurately portrayed nor fielded since 1865. This is event to not only raise awareness of the Battlefields at Cross Keys/Port Republic but to raise money for the Battlefield through a 5 mile march.

    Federal Adjunct Hosted By The Western Rifles.

    The Western Rifles will be hosting a battalion adjunct to the upcoming event "Thunder in the Valley," June 10th-12th, 2016 on the original battlefields of Cross Keys and Port Republic. Our overall impression will be Lt Col Kane's four company battalion of the Bucktails / 13th Reserves / 1st Pennsylvania Rifles. They were on detached duty from the Army of the Potomac and part of Baynard's "Flying Brigade" during the campaign, but fought alongside the 8th New York and 27th Pennsylvania at Cross Keys. Also, our research shows this is before they were issued the left over Berdan's modified Sharp's Rifles, so they were still carrying '61 Springfields. After Saturday's fight, we will participate in the 5 mile preservation march from the Cross Keys battlefield over to Port Republic. For Sunday, we will switch to the 110th Pennsylvania for the fight on the coal hill at Port Republic.


    Memphis, Tennessee

    September 9-11, 2016

    This event will be held at the Davies Manor Plantation, near Memphis, Tennessee.

    Hosted by the 4th Tennessee and 52nd Tennessee

    U.S. forces will be commanded by Jonathan Siltman, and will portray the 57th OVI

    C.S. forces will be commanded by Larry McCluney, unit TBD

    Registration is $30, which includes house tour and food. Any remaining funds will be donated to Davies Manor Plantation.

    Full details, impression guidelines, and registration information can be found at:


    Gettysburg NMP, Pennsylvania

    September 9-11, 2016

    Hosted By The Independent Rifles

    A Gettysburg Living history of the 21st Mississippi Infantry during the Gettysburg Campaign.

    Impression guidelines, Order of Battle, and a reading list will be posted both on the event Facebook Page, and on this forum. Participants in this event are strongly encouraged to register sooner, rather than later- there will be NO walk-ons. The event will be taking place on an NPS site, and all applicable rules and regulations will apply (No Drugs, No Alcohol, etc).

    The purpose of this event is to act as an interpretive asset to Gettysburg NMP, they have asked that we provide them a backdrop for “Life of the Soldier” talks while we are there. Be prepared to conduct firing demonstrations and march some of the same roads and fields the men of the Mississippi Brigade Trod.


    Perryville, Kentucky

    October 7-9, 2016

    Murray's Federal Battalion at Perryville

    We are excited to announce the formation of a Federal Brigade for Perryville 2016. There will be 2 battalions. Will Eichler will lead one effort and Tyler Underwood of SCAR the other. Rob Murray will command the Brigade.

    Impression: William R. Terrill's Brigade - 105th Ohio and 123rd Illinois
    Brigade Commander: Rob Murray -
    1st Battalion (105th Ohio): Will Eichler -
    2nd Battalion (123rd Illinois): Tyler Underwood -

    Click Here For Website
    Click Here for Facebook Page

    Our plan is to work with our friends the WIG on the Confederate side during the event.

    WIG CS Battalion at Perryville (9th Tennessee Infantry)

    Host Group – Western Independent Grays

    Primary Battalion POC: Herb Coats - hcoats007@

    Preservation Effort: Extra funds go to the park.

    The Plan: The WIG is planning to return to Perryville in 2016 to portray the 9th Tennessee Infantry of Maney’s Brigade. The goal is to field a battalion of CS troops within the overall battle scenario and event activities, and provide a home for those who want a little more to their campaigning experience. Drill, camp, kit, rations, etc will follow the history of the command during the battle.

    Military Command: Herb Coats, Western Independent Grays, Commanding

    Company Commanders/POCs are as follows

    Company A Whit Barr

    Company C, Paul Jerram, Armory Guards

    Company K, Russ Dykes Keithstone Guards

    Jordan Roberts, Red Clay Volunteers

    Brian Chastain, Breckenridge Grays

    Michael Comer, Midwest

    Sam Gaylon, Trans-Mississippi Hellcats

    Other campaigner groups have been contacted in regards to putting companies together for this effort. We are waiting on word from them.

    Look here and the forthcoming WIG event website for more information regarding event items, kit guidelines, and of course historical information.


    Prairie Grove, Arkansas

    December 2-4, 2016

    The 24th Missouri is hosting a campaigner adjunct for the 2016 Prairie Grove Reenactment. This will be conducted in the same quality manner as the Pea Ridge Adjunct March and the 8th Kansas Chickamauga Adjunct.

    Impression will be the 37th Illinois. A hard fought, veteran unit who had proved itself during Pea Ridge.

    The 37th Illinois Infantry was organized at Chicago, Illinois and mustered into Federal service on September 18, 1861, nicknamed the "Fremont Rifles" and "Illinois Greyhounds". The regiment suffered 7 officers and 91 enlisted men who were killed in action or who died of their wounds and 5 officers and 164 enlisted men who died of disease, for a total of 267 fatalities.

    Their engagement at the Borden House was referred to as the fiercest firefight of the war.

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