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    Confederate Pioneers and Engineers?

    I was wondering if anyone has any information on the Confederate pioneer corps, and the later use of engineers in the Confederate army. I seek this information as I am trying to research it as a possible impression. Thank you very much.
    Adam Polanski

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    Re: Confederate Pioneers and Engineers?

    John Casler's "Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade" gives some insight, since Casler spent a portion of his time in service as part of a pioneer detachment. See also Todd's "American Military Equipage," Vol. I. Attached is an interesting picture by a bandmember of the 26th NC showing an exhausted Confederate pioneer on the Chickahominy, 1864.
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    Bob Williams
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    Re: Confederate Pioneers and Engineers?

    Some more sources are:

    "First Regiment Engineer Troops" by R.L. Jackson (Engineer Regiment in ANV)
    "History and Handbook for the Engineer Reenactor" by Charlie Jernigan and Reed Settle
    "Confederate Engineers" by James L. Nichols

    "Dairy of a Yankee Engineer" Edited by Anita Palladino

    My unit portrays Company B. 3rd Engineer Regiment. Our website is: www.confederateengineers.org

    Roy Queen
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