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Thread: Bugle cord wrap

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    sdreenactor Guest

    Bugle cord wrap

    Can anyone tell my how to wrap my bugle cord around my infantry bugle. I would like a wrap that has a carrying strap. Or any wrap is fine. I would like the wrap the was most commonly used.

    Randy Owen

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    Almost as many ways to wrap/strap as there were buglers.....it's all personal preference.

    Infantry bugler walking, I tend to tie a clove hitch on the bell, and one on the receiver.....adjusted to hang the bugle by my hip. See page 241 Echoes of Glory US, top. Young Gustav used a 3/8" wool cord 22' long to loop braid his strap....left 3' on each end.....and clove hitched them to the ends of his G Cavalry Trumpet (no valves).

    Wrapping a bugle is similar.....notice that the tassels end up on opposite ends of the horn......so you have to pass an end under the wrappings if you go over your shoulder at one point.

    One way to do it is clove hitch by the receiver (leave an 8" tassel drop),

    go over the shoulder and adjust, clove hitch by the bell

    LOOSELYwrap back to the receiver ......

    pass the cord / 2nd tassel under the wrappings towards the bell,

    Tighten up the wrappings (you can feed cord from the free end to make sure there are not gaps....

    Then you have about 12" of cord left...

    Clove hitch by the bell.....

    and two cords with tassels hanging at the ends of the horn.

    Remember.....leather shoe laces work great! 8 of them, 72" long and you can do a great 4 strand braid......

    Also, the number one cash crop of Missouri was.......


    Cotton cord also works great.....

    RJ Samp

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    sdreenactor Guest

    Re: Bugle cord wrap

    hey RJSamp,
    thanks for the wrap i tryed the clove one but i dont think it i did the right way but it was a sling and a wrap thats bout 3/4 over the top part but its good for me sence i mostly portray rifleman i wanted a sling so i could carry it in reenactments incase they need a bugle. but thanks again for the wrap!

    Randy Owen

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